Buy Pipe and Drape Kit 8′

When you buy our Pipe and Drape 8′ tall backdrop made in USA facility you have a guaranteed product that will last forever! This  Pipe and Drape Kit includes all the hardware and 15′ wide drape you need for ruffles or gathered fullness. Drapeworks fixed 8’ uprights comes with a 16” x 14” base plate, and crossbar 6-10’ to create a backdrop, partition, back wall or statement 8ft high and if need necessary can be extended to your needs and choose your fabric and color from our VelourPoly Premier, and Polyester knit.
If your looking for anything custom or need any suggestions choosing the fabric and hardware that’s right for you? We can absolutely accommodate! Give us a quick call at 954.639.4028 or leave us a message online or chat online and one of our sales reps will be happy to assist and guide you through the purchasing process.
All of the fabric provided by Drapeworks ship with a Flame Certificate. We test to California Small Scale and NFPA 701, the standard flame tests in the event industry. 

Safety tips when setting up pipe and drape 

  • make sure pin is screwed on tight on the base plate 
  • make sure base plate is on a flat surface
  • make sure crossbar is hooked on the upright
  • make sure the crossbar is not overextended
How to set up pipe and drape in a minute 
1. Layout crossbar to the desired width
2. Screw in base and pin
3. Layout base, pin, and crossbar
4. Slip on upright
5. Sleeve drape on crossbar
6. Hook on crossbar to upright slot
7. Make drape full and ruffled
8. Raise upright to desire height
9. Fluff and dress bottom of the drape
10. That is how to set up pipe and drape
To see a video on how to set up pipe and drape please check out our resource page